Reputation Management

Creative business solutions

TL;DR: WSS is a reputation management agency. Today it is running the SCH Group’s projects, as well as for strategic client consulting.



The agency began its work in 2007 with advertising activities. Media advertising, creative, design services, website creation - actively and selflessly built up a portfolio, chased famous clients, and endlessly “generated variants” - we followed the classic path of a full-service agency.

Everything changed after 2010 when we managed to create a national news story and a well-known brand on a zero budget. That’s how we discovered the reputation management niche. And started to purposefully help our clients *become who they want to be in the eyes of the audience.

Since then, we don’t participate in tenders, contests, or “generate options”. And calmly and thoughtfully build long-term partnerships with clients at the level of trusted advisors.

For obvious reasons, 99% of our work is done in stealth mode.