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last release: 27.04.2016
Disclaimer of Liability

This statement is an incorporated part of the general Terms and Conditions of use of the website and complements them in terms of the disclaimer of liability. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions and with the policies of the website administration, you must immediately stop using and reading the website.

§ 1. Reliability of Information

The visitor of the website should be guided by the motto of the Royal Society of London: Nullius in verba (Take nobody’s word for it) when reading the materials of the site, as well as any materials on the Internet.

The materials of the website represent the personal opinion of the website administration and should not be perceived as reliable information, a call to action or advertising. The website visitor shall waive any claims against the website administration and its employees related to the unreliability of the information provided on the website. For legal purposes, all materials on the website should be understood as a joke.

The content and all materials on the website are posted and distributed for educational and entertainment purposes. Website administration makes no promises that the content of the website, publications and statements are error-free and your actions after studying the materials of the website will lead to predictable results. does not promise that the quotes and translations published on the website are verbatim in the original. You accept that such material may be given in an adapted form. All quotations and translations are given on the website for educational purposes only. All claims regarding the content of quotes and translations should be directed to the authors of the material cited or translated.

In preparing and publishing materials, the website administration assumes that the reader is located in an area where freedom of speech and thought are not prohibited. If you are in the territory where these freedoms are prohibited, you must stop using this website.

Statements used in the content that may seem rude or offensive are not and should not be perceived as rude or offensive. You understand and accept that the website administration does not intend to offend anyone, regardless of political or other views, religion, race, gender or other creed. You agree with the position that the cause of all resentments and conflicts lies in deceived expectations. You agree not to make any expectations before and during the use of the website.

§ 2. Technical Warranties and the website administration do not guarantee or promise that the website or any of its content, service or function will operate correctly and smoothly. Or that your using the website will lead to certain results.

Website administration makes no warranty that any files or data downloaded from this website will be free of viruses or other malicious or destructive software. reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate functionality, to restrict access to the website for any reason at any time and without notice to users and visitors.

§ 3. Financial Guarantees is not a public company and therefore is not obliged to disclose financial, accounting and other non-public information. Any requirement to disclose such information related to the use of this website is illegal.

In no event shall and/or website administration be liable to you for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental or any other damages, including loss of profits, even if website administration has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

All information published on the website is placed for information and educational purposes. does not invite or call investments in any assets mentioned or not mentioned on Any texts published on the website and related to investments do not constitute a recommendation for investment and should not be taken as investment advice.

Website administration and its related persons shall not be liable for the financial and legal results of investment activities of the website visitors, as well as any other third parties. does not promise any returns or guarantees of profitability when using affiliated products and services. If you found such a promise in the materials of the website, read this material carefully and with a different intonation, it meant something else. You understand and accept that none of the laws on investor protection, the securities market, disclosure (compliance) and about central banks may give rise to a claim against or his employees in connection with the contents of this website, or in connection with quotations and translations of third-party materials, including those of the SCH Fund and SCH Asset Management.

Before buying or selling any asset, consult with your investment manager, tax advisor, sponsor, parents and lawyer. reminds: Any historical data on the previous returns on any assets is not a guarantee for future profits.

§ 4. Guarantees in relation to third parties rejects any and all liability, including moral liability, for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with your use of this website or other affiliated services. You assume full responsibility for your use of this website and other linked websites and services.

You agree and are indemnified from and against any losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal expenses) incurred by and its employees as a result of or in connection with your use of the website.

§ 5. Concluding Provisions

The listed policies and restrictions on judicial protection are part of the contract between the parties. All of them apply to any damage, liability or injury caused by any malfunction, error, delay in operation or other cause of action related to your use of the website.

Any of these policies and statements may be updated periodically. Changes shall take effect from the moment they are published on the website.

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