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SCH Group (ex Schnellreich) is a group of quantum companies focused on innovations implementation in traditional and promising markets.

The Group is working on increasing its client and own capitalization through the risk management tools in sales, automation and reputation management. In spare time, managing assets on decentralized markets.

The Group was founded in 2006 in Kaliningradand. And has been working in emerging and risky markets ever since. Today hundreds of businesses and millions of users all over the world use services developed by the Group. Because after using them everybody looks elegant and luxurious.

The head office and official representative are located on the Internet, the mailbox for correspondence is in Copenhagen.

This is a Beta version of the website. It accumulates general information for overview. All legally significant documents, conditions, and warranties are placed on the resources related to direct services. Read more about it in the disclaimer.

The official position, last news and statements of the SCH Group on all related issues can be found on Newsroom.