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§59. About Quantum Organizations

#metaverse #legal

TL;DR: Quantum organization exists and does not exist at the same time. It depends on the beholder.

This might all seem like nonsense at first. But the point is that many of us have long been operating in a virtual reality, operating and earning on abstractions. A company in the sense of a legal entity is an example of such an abstraction, which exists only in the regulator’s databases. And the regulator and its legal framework always lags behind the real world.

Quantum organization we call any enterprise or SPV which nature and state depends on the viewpoint of the observer.

Viewpoint of the observer means that for different actors: a founder, an employee, a counterparty, a competitor, and a regulator, expectations of the same organization will be very different.

If everyone understands the state and core of the enterprise in the same way, it is one step away from collapse. Because the source of arbitration is public (== at risk).

All projects we launched are always in superposition like Schrödinger’s cat: they are alive and dead, have potential or fade away, pose a danger or an additional opportunity at the same time.

In ideal conditions quantum organization works without human influence. As soon as the organization is supervised, it alwais changes its state.