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internet, 04.07.2018

ūüŹó Statement on¬†Website Reconstruction


Everyone is busy doing their own thing, and this site has the lowest priority on the to-do list. So no one knows when it’s going to be up and running well. Sorry :-(

The website is going for reconstruction.

Since 2006, this website has been modified at least a dozen times. During this time, tens of affiliated organizations were launched with their websites, blogs, and social network accounts. Eventually, it started to spill out in different directions. We’re tired of supporting it all. It is time to bring it all together in one place.

The information on the website will come up step by step during the reconstruction. For this period it should be taken as necessarily incomplete. For legal cases, there is a disclaimer.

If it is not directly and explicitly stated, the information on the site should not be perceived as a public offer.

The deadline date for the reconstruction is not set.

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